About us

We’re a group of social media experts who were tired of seeing the same thing over and over: advertisements with content spread across dozens of pages. So, we created OkayHealthy, a site in which you can enjoy viral stories while having a much better user experience.

It’s time to explore new stories in a far more enjoyable way, having been established in 2021. You’ll probably find our links on all of your favorite social media sites; please enjoy them; our goal is to entice you to return.

When it comes to content, our writers enjoy writing about pretty much anything health related, so you’re sure to find something that piques your interest. We’re always trying to look for more enthusiastic writers, especially if you get paid for it.

We’ve always believed in the old saying “play hard, work hard,” and all of our employees work from home, allowing them to spend time with family members. We don’t have a dedicated office; perhaps they could become obsolete in the future. Consider how our planet would fare if the majority of people were able to work from home.

2021 was a critical period for the world; we witnessed a global disaster that brought everyone together; it truly demonstrates that we’re all here for each other when we need people the most. OkayHealthy was created to keep minds occupied during confinement.

Enjoy reading – OkayHealthy