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Common Habits That Cause Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation occurs when white blood cells protect the body from ailments. Occasional inflammation is healthy; however, chronic inflammation can contribute to chronic diseases, according to a 2021 study. And everyday habits–such as sitting for hours or venting about your schedule–can increase inflammation. Although you might not expect it, these everyday habits are bad for your health. Not Paying...

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Is Dark chocolate really healthy?

Most people consider chocolate a treat, meant only to be consumed occasionally due to its high concentration of sugar levels and high cholesterol. However, what if you knew that chocolate could also help boost your immune system and cognitive ability? Well, dark chocolate, to be precise, has been found to have copious amounts of antioxidants and nutrients. And...

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How to Strengthen your immune system

Our immune system is the front line of security against invading germs, and it does a great job of preventing disease-causing microorganisms. However, sometimes it fails to know an invader like a cold germ and doesn't react appropriately. As a result, we fall sick and have to take leave from work, school, or social life to heal. Here...

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Healthy Drinks to Choose from

When we hear healthy drinks, water immediately comes to our mind as it’s one of the best drinks to quench our thirst. However, with the introduction of numerous beverages, it can be challenging to decide which drink can benefit our health. It’s because most drinks contain unhealthy calories that might not be safe for the body. And especially,...

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