Protein Cleanse – Healthy Way to Detox Your Body

by OkayHealthy

Proteins are made up of many building blocks, known as amino acids. Our body needs dietary protein to supply amino acids for the growth and maintenance of our cells and tissues. Our dietary protein requirement changes throughout life. The EFSA ( European Food Safety Authority ) recommends adults consume at least 0.83 g of protein per kg body weight per day (e.g. 58 g/day for a 70 kg adult). Plant and animal-based proteins vary in their quality and digestibility, but this is not usually a concern for most people if their total protein meets their needs. We should aim to consume protein from a variety of sources that benefits both our health and the planets.

What is a protein cleanse?

A Protein Cleanse includes three raw and cold-pressed juices and three dairy and soy-free protein smoothies per day. These smoothies and juices are packed with greens and antioxidant-rich superfoods, which work together to help burn fat, brighten skin, boost energy, and reduce bloating

Great way to really boost your energy

It is the perfect type of cleanse if you are someone who does not want to take time off from your regular fitness routine, so the protein cleanse gives you everything that you need to stay active and keep working out keep your energy up, keep building muscle and surface protein

✓ Lose weight

✓ Have more energy

✓ Supports a healthy gut

✓ Jumpstart a healthier diet

✓ strengthen your immune system

✓ Great for acne treatment 

My Very Favorite: Protein Cleanse by Raw Generation

I researched several cleanses and the Raw Generation cleanse had the best reviews.
My first Raw Generation Cleanse was a great great experience. From the customer service to the quality of the product/juice; everything was top notch.

The three-day protein cleanse is available for: $99.00.

The five-day protein cleanse is available for $149.99.

The seven-day protein cleanse is available for $199.99

No matter which day you choose, you get six juices per day and you get the same juices for each day.

The juices can be consumed in whichever order you choose. You get three protein-packed nut “milks” or juices and three fruit and vegetable-based juices. I alternated between the smoothies and the juices. Next time that I do the cleanse I will start the day with a smoothie and end with a juice each day so that I am not ending on a high fat choice.

Post cleanse I felt full, I felt slimmer. I lost 6 pounds. Best of all I was in such a better place mentally. I felt so amazing mentally coming off this cleanse. I also still have not gotten my sweet cravings back and my hunger has subsided substantially which is huge for me because I am always hungry.


If you are looking for a cleanse that is different from any cleanse you have ever done and one that will leave you feeling great at the end as long as you follow it to the letter, give this cleanse a shot. If you don’t think you will be able to do it for the full five days and give it 100%, go for the 3 day and try that out. Set yourself up for success so that you come out of the cleanse in a great place mentally.

Thank you for stopping by and stay healthy!

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