Top Reasons to Take Up Running

by OkayHealthy

Running is the rapid or quick movement of human beings or animals. Running is a popularly known form of exercise and also sport. Running is a form of aerobic exercise that gives so many benefits if it is taken as a lifestyle. The benefits of running cannot be enjoyed or seen when it is done inconsistently. Making running your lifestyle will yield many benefits for you.


1. A cheap form of exercise
Running is a very cheap way of doing exercise because all you need is a pair of good running shoes and clothes and you are good to go. With running no costs incurred, this is because gym memberships are not needed for one to be able to run nor are any equipment necessary. Therefore it is a cheap and effective way of exercising. Also running is a very convenient way of exercising for someone who travels a lot. This is because no matter where they are they can still be able to exercise without any limitations.

2. Physical and mental health
When running is taken as lifestyle contributes to both physical and mental health. Running boosts mental health by acting as a stress reliever. It also results in the release or production of endorphins chemicals from the brain that improves mood and the overall happiness
Running contributes to physical health by improving cardiovascular fitness, strengthening of muscles and strong bones. A good mental and physical health boosts a person’s confidence and self-esteem. It relieves stress hence contributing to happiness.

3. Loss of weight
The best way to lose that extra weight is by taking up running. Through running one is able to burn calories and increase the energy levels. This is especially effective when running is taken as a way of daily life. Losing those extra pounds enables you to feel good about yourself.

4. Boost intelligence
When running the release of cortisol increases which in return results to better memory and good retention of information. This is greatly beneficial especially for students or business people.

5. Running for a good cause

Running enables an opportunity to raise funds for charity work or to support the needy. Unlike other exercises, a person can run for other noble reasons aside from just exercising to keep fit.

6. It is social
Although running may include solitude, when a person sets out to run, they are able to meet other fellow runners. This gives a person a sense of belonging. Also, it creates opportunities to make new friends, who act as the support needed each day in running routines.

7. Purpose 
Through running one can be able to set goals with which they can work towards and achieve them. For instance, one can set a goal of the distance they wish to cover with every run and works towards achieving that.

8. It is a form of a sport
Running is a form of a sport when you take up running daily as a way of exercising, then this acts as practice and one can join in athletic completion. Daily running increases your speed and also distance and this enables you to compete well in case they wish to take it as a sport.

9. Easy 
Running unlike other types of exercises is easy to carry out. This is because running does not require any skill or training. A person does not need a gym instructor to know how to run. Therefore it is easy and can be done by anybody, starting from the young to the old if they are still able to run. 

10. Time to think and clear the head
Most people like running with their earphones on. This can at times help in thinking or clearing the head from issues here and there. Running helps some people relax and unwind especially when under pressure or tension. This is a good form of therapy that ensures people are not depressed.

Running is an easily affordable way of exercising. Most people start running as a way of burning calories or weight loss or just to keep fit. Some may want a way to unwind and therefore choose running. All these are great reasons to take up running. The benefits of running make it very appealing and effective. These benefits are fully enjoyed when running is made a lifestyle. Lasting effects can only be seen when running is a way of life and not just another tiring exercise.

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