Pros and Cons of Air-Cleaning Houseplants

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Keeping the indoor air fresh and clean is very important. Besides making the indoor comfort, it also enhances health. This is because fresh hair does not put the people in the house at risk of being affected by airborne health conditions. One of the most effective ways of purifying the indoor air is by using houseplants. If you use the right plants the air in your home will remain fresh at all times. Here are the pros and cons of air-cleaning houseplants.




Using houseplants to purify indoor air has almost zero cost. All that is needed is to purchase the plants and maintain them effectively. Some of the plants are readily available where you can easily get them from your garden or from your neighbor’s garden. This is very cost-effective compared to some other methods of purifying the indoor air. Some methods require that you buy expensive gadgets that consume a lot of power and are expensive to maintain. Therefore, using houseplants is an effective method that does need one to spend a lot of money.

No Down Time

House plants will always be functional regardless of the time, day of the week or season. Even when you are not at home or you are asleep the plants will be purifying the air. There is no need to worry about damages and repairs since the plants are always functional. All that is needed is to take care of the plants properly. This is unlike using some other methods where gadgets usually break down and it takes time before they can be repaired or replaced.

No Noise

Houseplants do not produce any kind of noise which makes them ideal to be used in homes and offices. They can even be used in rooms where maximum silence is required such as kids’ bedrooms and in study rooms. This is helpful considering that some methods of purifying the indoor air use gadgets which produce distracting noise.

Enhanced Oxygen Levels

Healthy Lifestyle

When houseplants absorb carbon dioxide they, in turn, produce oxygen. This ensures that besides the air being pure it is also very fresh. The oxygen produced even enhances health because people who breathe fresh and enough oxygen are usually healthier. All that one needs is to select houseplants that are able to produce oxygen in a more effective manner. This is because some houseplants produce more oxygen than others.

Humidity Provision

Sometimes the indoor air becomes very dry especially during cold seasons where air conditioners produce hot dry air. With houseplants, the air will not be that dry because the plants make the air humid. This makes the air healthier and better to breathe at all times. There are certain plants that produce more humidity than others. Consequently, you will need to look for plants that can survive in the cold seasons and be able to produce ample humidity.

No Installation Required

While using houseplants to purify indoor air you will not need to get an expert to do the installation. You just need to position the houseplants in strategic places where they will thrive without causing distractions. It is paramount to create an environment where the plants will survive effectively. Some plants do not require much but there are others who need special care. You can get the right plant from your garden, put it in a pot and put it in the right position without needing an expert.


Some Plants Require A lot of Space

If you do not have enough space in your home you might not be able to use some houseplants. This is because they require a lot of space so that they survive and thrive. There are also plants that grow very fast and such plants need space. Other plants must be placed in certain positions where they will be able to access light from outdoor. This means that you will need to have enough space to have some houseplants.

There are Plants That Can Cause Harm to Pets and Children

There are certain houseplants that are poisonous and this poses danger to pets and children in the home. This is because the children and pets might decide to eat the plants and this puts them in danger. It is advisable to avoid such plants or ensure that they are in positions where they can never be accessed by pets and children.

Therefore, by considering the outlined pros and cons of using houseplants to purify indoor air you can be able to make an informed decision when it comes to keeping the air in your home fresh.

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