Productive Alternatives to Watching Television

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Spending a few hours a day on TV is easy. It is estimated that one person on average watches television for about two months during the year. This is scary when you look at the general numbers of watching TV hours every day. It has been found that people watch television for up to eight hours a day, contributing to many harmful social and physical problems.

Finding alternatives to watching TV daily can be a difficult task for some people who can not miss a particular program they watch regularly. However, despite the temptation created by television, there are far more enjoyable activities you can participate in during these few hours you regularly spend in the foreground on a small screen.

Because television is the main factor contributing to weight problems, physical exercise seems logical, unlike watching TV series. Exercising a nice way to kill a few hours is not only a great way to burn a few calories and therefore a healthy lifestyle. Just going out and going on a quick stroll not only helps you avoid the temptation of television but also has many health benefits. In addition to helping to lose weight, exercise can also increase the ability of the heart and lungs to work more effectively and helps the individual to feel better at home and abroad.

Getting a hobby is another ideal alternative to television. A person may be able to learn and develop a new skill, for example, knitting or arrows, or he can start a range of things that may even become a constant search for entertainment from them. Reading is another great option to help avoid TV. Not only allows imagination to read, but it also allows the development of mind and mental health.

Healthy Lifestyle

TV-watching affects

TV induces trance-like states.

Psychology generally defines trance as a state of limited consciousness or as a kind of changing a state of consciousness. Koma has long been associated with hypnotic states. Meditation causes severe cases of trance states Cases of trance are more common than thought. The observed natural state is called beta, while Alpha waves are associated with deep relaxation or a state resembling a coma. When a person is in an alpha state, the person experiences a negative learning experience, deliberately or otherwise, getting rid of the skill of critical and logical thinking.

In this changing situation, you are very susceptible to all kinds of negative influences, from crime, violence, and sex, to self-programming negatively and poisoning belief systems by influencing worldview and life. Because your critical thinking skills are in a coma-like state, even ads have a greater than usual impact on your decision-making abilities.

Lack of social skills

Every hour spent in front of a stupid box is an hour you can use with family or friends, social or professional networks, reading, writing, hobbies, learning or other activities that you like. The family watches television together and can laugh or cry at the same time, without watching the television with them, they are connected to the content on the TV.

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Watching TV requires time for exercise, both for young and old, which leads to obesity in families. Watching TV is a double confusion – it not only takes time to exercise but also instills undesirable habits, such as being a potato and a couch, eating unhealthy or unwanted dishes and succumbing to the temptation to drink soda. Some believe that television is the main cause of attention deficit disorder, but it is exacerbated by sweet carbonated drinks. If you are not controlled by the right diet and exercise, this problem will eventually lead to greater obesity. In the end, television addiction related to fast food will result in high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Sport on television does not encourage children to participate in local sports and league games because they prefer to watch sport than to play.

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