Why Wholegrain Rice Is the Better Choice

by OkayHealthy
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It is no secret that most people want to live healthier lives through proper nutrition and working out. However, sometimes people struggle to eat healthy because most healthy foods are expensive and complicated to make. But what if shifting from one variety of your existing meals to another could make all the difference without leaving a dent in your pocket? Switching white rice with brown rice is one of the best ways to do this.

Difference between White Rice and Brown Rice

Essentially white rice is processed while brown rice is full-grain meaning it’s not processed at all. Brown rice comes with all the three components which include bran {rich in fiber, protein, and minerals}, germ {rich in good fat} and endosperm which is poor starch. White rice has been stripped of bran and germ so it only has carbohydrates unless it’s fortified with vitamins and proteins.

Benefits of Brown Rice over White Rice

is whole grain rice healthy

Since brown rice comes wholly packed with bran, germ, and endosperm, it is obviously the healthier choice. Here is a look at some of its benefits;

  1. Control of blood sugar and Diabetes. Brown rice is rich in magnesium and fiber, two components that help to regulate blood sugar levels.
    Eating whole-grain meals especially brown rice keeps your blood sugar low and reduces your chances of getting type 2 diabetes. Brown rice has a glycemic index of 50 while white rice has a GI of 98.
  2. Protect against heart disease. Brown rice also contains antioxidants and lignans which are plant compounds that reduce fat in the blood {bad cholesterol} and decrease inflammation in the arteries. What this means is that your chances of getting a heart disease or high blood pressure are very low if you eat brown rice and other whole-grain foods.
  3. Weight control. Staying away from too much starch is one of the secrets of losing and maintaining a good weight. However, brown rice goes a step further and provides you with a lot of fiber that cleans up the colon helping you to get rid of bad cholesterol and improve metabolism. The fiber also helps you to feel fuller faster so you consume fewer calories and eat fewer times.
  4. It’s high in manganese. Manganese is a little-known mineral that is responsible for some of the most important processes in your body such as healing wounds, metabolism, nerve function, and bone development. Brown rice is one of the few foods that supply enough manganese for your body per serving to help you reduce your chances of infertility and metabolic syndrome.
  5. Packed with minerals. Besides manganese and fiber, brown rice is packed with so many nutrients and minerals for your body that only milk can compete. Some of the minerals you will find in brown rice include zinc, selenium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, niacin, thiamine and proteins.

Brown rice may not be the most delicious food in the store but it’s certainly one of the most nutritious. You can serve brown rice with a serving of beef stew and vegetables to make it more delicious and enjoy a well-balanced diet that everyone will enjoy.

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