Benefits and Uses of Turmeric

by OkayHealthy

Turmeric is one of the most commonly used spices in our homes. It’s a component of a wide range of our daily dishes and drinks. This extraordinary spice originates from the Curcuma longa plant. Its root is always dried and later on the ground to form turmeric powder. Curcumin is the (active substance) chemical compound of turmeric that makes it very powerful. Turmeric not only brings health benefits to its users but it also adds color and flavor foods.
Having said that, I am going to provide comprehensive details on the benefits and uses of turmeric. They include the following.

Benefits of Turmeric

health benefits of turmeric

1. It is anti-inflammatory
Studies and medical reports have claimed that curcumin which is a compound of turmeric is an effective element against several inflammation issues that range from internal organ inflammation to oral inflammation. It doesn’t result in adverse effects on the body when it’s used to fight inflammation.

2. Appropriate for mental health
Studies have shown that curcumin is efficient for people suffering from depression as compared to other medication of depression. It’s a natural way of managing one’s mental health.

3. Fights cancer
Medical studies have claimed that curcumin which is a chemical compound of turmeric has the capacity to kill and prevent certain cancer cells like stomach, breast, bowel, and skin. Turmeric has also been effectively used to fight colon and pancreatic cancer.

4. Used to combat diabetes
Turmeric has always been associated with the ability to reduce potential reversal and symptoms of diabetes. Studies have also shown that both curcumin and turmeric are able to fight onset Type 2 of Diabetes in individuals of pre-diabetics.

5. Effective for pain management
Turmeric is known as a tool for pain management. Turmeric is always used to reduce the pain that comes from injuries, surgeries, neuropathic, arthritis, sciatic nerve among others. It plays a significant role in pain management and reduction.

6. Enhances detoxification
Detoxification helps our bodies to fight to toxic substances hence preventing a wide range of ailments and diseases like cancer. Turmeric helps us detoxify from dangerous outside oxidizing toxins.

7. Relieve arthritis
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric and curcumin have the capacity to relieve arthritis without causing negative side effects to patients.

8. Boosts memory

Boosts memory

Studies fro medical reports have claimed that taking a dosage of turmeric on a daily basis can be crucial against memory loss, attention problems, and mental aging. Turmeric is a key component for fighting Alzheimer’s disease which affects mental growth in the future.
Note that turmeric can also be used and applied in many areas. These uses of turmeric are not limited to the following.

Uses and Application of turmeric

• Turmeric recipes
Since turmeric is a spice, it can be used in several recipes with ease. They are always used as ingredients to add flavor and color to foods.

• Turmeric powder can be added to tea or smoothies
They are normally added to efficiently maximize the effectiveness of its compound (curcumin) in drinks.

• Turmeric supplements
It can be taken as supplements in the form of capsules and obtain its health benefits.

• Turmeric essential oil
It can easily be diffused with oils to generate turmeric essential oil

In conclusion, turmeric is a very essential component that its benefits and uses in nutrition cannot be overlooked. I recommend you to embrace it fully.

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