5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Drink Fruit Juice

by OkayHealthy
Good Nutrition

A lot of people believe that fruit juice when combined with a regular workout schedule and a balanced diet is an important requirement that helps in body fitness. However, this is not the case since there are some reasons that suggest that you need to stop consuming fruit juice and remove it from your diet. 

Though people think that drinking fruit juice is healthy and beneficial to the body as eating the fruit; there is a huge difference since the juice lacks fiber and also contains some additives such as preservatives. Taking fruit juice occasionally does not pose a great risk to your health; however, it is advisable to try to avoid fruit juice from becoming a regular part of your meals. Below are some of the reasons why you need to stop drinking fruit juice; consider reading the article to understand the disadvantage of taking fruit juice may have on your health.

Fruit Juice Does Not Have Fiber Which Is Important In The Body

During the juice-making process, insoluble fiber from the fruit is removed as waste and the resulting product only contains some vitamins and fruit sugars. 

Fiber is important in the body because it makes the body feel satisfied for a longer time and also helps to slow the absorption of fructose thus preventing issues that may result due to large amounts of fructose being absorbed in the body. 

Since fructose which is only processed by the liver is the main fruit sugar contained in most fruits, the consumption of fruit juice is not healthy as it has no fiber to match the excess supply of fructose contained in the juice. 

In addition, the juicing process removes the healthy nutrients from fruits as manufacturing the product involves several sub-processes which get rid of the important parts of the fruit. 

Fruit juice may affect the functions of body organs like liver and kidney

Good Nutrition

Fruit juice contains high concentrations of sugar that may cause your kidneys and liver to have health complications; this may lead to problems since it can affect how these organs functions to ensure detoxification and regulation of blood sugar level in the body goes smoothly. 

Research indicates that drinking fruit juice which contains liquid fructose may affect the normal functioning of the liver thus leading to a variety of disorders such as diabetes, heart diseases and even obesity due to increased production of fats in the body.

High Consumption Of Fruit Juice May Hinder The Body From Absorbing Essential Vitamins

Consuming a lot of fruit juice may deprive the body of accessing and absorbing some essential vitamins needed in the body. Since some of the vitamins are removed during the process of making the juice; even taking large amounts of juice will not help your body to stay fit as you desire. 

Fruit Juice Is Not Healthy For Your Teeth 

Just like soft drinks, fruit juice contains some acidic properties and a lot of sugar; as a result, when taken regularly it may lead to tooth enamel damage thus causing tooth cavities. The damage caused may even require you to crown or bond your teeth making it expensive. 

Fruit Juice May Cause Problems Such As Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Research has shown that drinking a large amount of fruit juice may increase the risk of the body having health problems such as stroke and heart disease. Also, taking sugary drinks such as fruit juice on a daily basis may cause your blood pressure to increase leading to heart problems.


Drinking fruit juice is not healthy for your body as it contains small amounts of nutrients and a lot of sugar. Therefore, it is advisable to substitute it with whole fruits in your diet to allow you to control your sugar intake and avoid various health issues that may result. 

Consuming whole fruits provides your body with nutrients such as essential mineral salts and vitamins and also supplies it with antioxidants and fiber which are required for normal body functioning and health in general.

Although taking fruit juice occasionally does not have any negative outcome; it is important to understand that just like other sugary soft beverages, drinking fruit juice has some negative impacts on your body and may lead to health problems.

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