How Your Skin Can Benefit from Licorice

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licorice benefits on skin

Licorice happens to be the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra, which is a plant that grows in Southern Europe and also parts of Asia. It prefers to thrive in full sunshine in well-drained soils, and it usually grows to a height of 3 to 7 feet. The fruit is not very big and is only around 1 inch in length with several seeds within it. It is the plant’s root which is used for both skincare and other health benefits. In fact, this root has been used for centuries as a part of Ayurvedic medicine for lightening dark circles caused by excessive intake of sugary food items, contaminants, as well as sun damage. In the following paragraphs, we will mention how our skin can benefit from Licorice.

licorice benefit for skin

1. Brightens the skin

Hyperpigmentation is an ailment in which patches of the epidermis become darker as compared to the encircling epidermis because of deposits of melanin in those areas. The skin can be restored to a lighter shade by Licorice in case we apply it to those dark areas on a regular basis. In fact, Licorice will be a fantastic alternative for all those individuals who don’t like the idea of applying chemical substances on their skin. Also, Licorice can prove to be an awesome remedy to get rid of melasma (also referred to as the mask of pregnancy). It helps to lighten the skin after the child is delivered.

2. Prevents damage from the sun

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Too much exposure to the sun can result in age spots and dark spots on our skin, thus making us look older. However, it will be possible to restore the smoother and lighter tone of your skin by applying Licorice in its topical form thanks to the presence of Glabridin which does not allow the skin to become dark after being exposed to the sun. Licorice likewise consists of useful UV blocking enzymes that help to safeguard our skin from any damage in the future.

3. Helps to treat skin ailments

Atopic dermatitis and psoriasis happen to be the 2 types of skin ailments that lead to the formation of scaly patches on the skin. Licorice is rich in anti-inflammatory attributes that are responsible for minimizing the inflammation as well as itching on the epidermis. It has been shown by studies that eczema patients can consider drinking Licorice tea 2 times a day or they can also use a topical cream to prevent these symptoms.

4. Eases swelling

It is possible for many things to disturb your skin and leave behind inflamed, red, and itchy spots. You can calm the discomfort by applying Licorice which consists of Glycyrrhizin for relieving the redness as well as inflammation irrespective of whether it is poison ivy or a bug bite.

5. Fades dark scar marks

In case you happen to get injured from a fall or any bruise, it can take a considerable period of time to match that scar mark with that of your normal skin. The process can be accelerated significantly by Licorice which helps to block the production of melanin and also make the skin tone uniform devoid of any scar marks whatsoever. However, it won’t come of much use on skins of a lighter tone.

6. Gets rid of acne

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While we suffer from acne, we need to struggle with reddish bumps that are caused by the production of excess oil within the glands. This production of oil can be controlled by Licorice to a great extent, thus also helping to minimize the redness encountered by those struggling with Rosacea that results in a flushed face along with rad and patchy skin.

7. Tightens the epidermis

Everyone out there would like to possess soft and tender skin. Licorice aids in regenerating elastin as well as collagen for the epidermis which is quite smooth to touch and also stretches easily. It consists of amino acid which has the power of retaining moisture and likewise rehydrating the epidermis.

8. Treats skin infections and wounds

Licorice is reputed for its antifungal as well as antimicrobial attributes and also helps in cleaning wounds. It aids in curing the inflammation plus redness effectively thus aiding the skin to heal at a quicker rate.

9. Combats wrinkles

Although none like to suffer from crow’s feet, excessive exposure to sun rays can result in this condition within a short span of time. Fortunately, it is feasible to avoid sun damage thanks to the UV preventing enzymes and thus we can avoid any sort of wrinkle whatsoever. Licorice is likewise rich in antioxidants which are accountable for blocking free radicals and thus preventing our epidermis from any kind of premature aging.

10. Gets rid of Athlete’s foot

At times we might forget putting on flip-flops while taking a bath in a hotel and this can lead to itchy as well as agonizing conditions on our skin. This issue can be eliminated by applying a topical cream that aids in getting rid of the Athlete’s foot symptoms effectively.

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There is no doubt about the fact that our skin happens to be amongst the most vital components of our body. It safeguards you from pollutants right from your birth, not to mention the free radicals and the harmful UV rays. It is recommended to include quite a few natural beauty products in your day-to-day routine and also ensure to treat your epidermis with proper care. Natural and fresh skincare alternatives will help you to do just that. Licorice root extract happens to be one of those natural alternatives which are awesome when it comes to treating typical skin conditions successfully.

You will come across many companies on the market that sells premium-quality skincare products for anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, acne, as well as a scar treatment. These products can be obtained at a comparatively cheaper rate and you need to make some research prior to purchasing them. Make it a point to go for all-natural and timeless skincare items that will live up to your expectations. In case you do have any doubts, go online and look at the reviews from the previous users to get a fair idea about the products.

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