Hair Care Tips and Tricks for Summer

by OkayHealthy

The summer, a beautiful time of the year to enjoy with your family and friends the incredible sun, the pools, and the beach. Although this season brings many moments of great beauty and happiness, it also brings with it some disadvantages and problems, and one of them is the damage that your hair suffers. Chlorine, salt water, and sunlight negatively affect your hair. Therefore, here we will show you some simple tricks that you can use to take care of your hair and make it look better.

1. Remove the ends of your hair every 8 weeks.

Cutting the tips of your hair will help stimulate the strength of the hair and also prevent it from drying out, which will increase its beauty.

2. Treatments before and after the summer.

Use products that cleanse and detoxify your hair before and after the summer to make it stronger, brighter and more resistant, since factors such as wind, saltpeter or the sun’s rays can progressively destroy your hair.

3. Sunscreen for hair.

Like our skin, hair is very sensitive to the sun’s rays. Therefore, if you are going out on the street, you should buy sunscreen for your hair. It can be easily purchased at beauty salons. These products create a protective layer for your hair, preventing it from burning.

4. Cover your head.

In addition to sunscreen, you can also take care of your hair by covering it, wearing clothes like hats and caps.

5. The appearance of the waves.

If you want your hair to be in the form of waves, you can do it using a ribbon that squeezes it and lets it rest at night. The next day you just remove the gingham and with a spray, your hair will be stiff with that spectacular shape.

6. Use cold water to lighten your hair.

The cold water helps blood circulation and the shine of your hair. Give a small shower with cold water will make your hair look amazing because this water removes the waste it contains.

7. Pick up your hair.

Picking up your hair is an incredible idea to maintain the beauty of your hair. You can do it in different ways and thus protect it from the wind. That is why I recommend that when the wind blows very hard, keep your hair protected, collected and isolated.

8. Do not comb with a line

Do not separate your hair with a line, since that space of skin that remains discovered will be affected by the harmful rays of the sun. Cover your entire head to ensure the health and beauty of your hair.

9. Avoid drying your hair with artificial methods.

Dry your hair with natural methods, avoid electrical appliances. These burn and progressively destroy your hair making it look terrible.

10. Moisturize your hair before going to the beach.

When you go to go swimming, hydrate your hair properly, this helps to give strength and a bright appearance. Salt water can be incredibly harmful to your hair, so giving it a little strength doesn’t hurt it.

Now that you know these simple but effective tricks, put them into practice and enjoy with your friends and relatives of this incredible time of year without having to worry about your hair.

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