6 Super Skin and Hair Benefits of Rice Water

by OkayHealthy
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The water that’s left behind after cooking rice is extremely valuable to waste. It is packed with all sorts of nutrients and minerals and it can play an excellent role in your daily beauty routine. This article will describe how and why. Here are the 6 super skin and hair benefits of rice water:

1. Works as a facial cleanser and facial toner

Surprisingly, the rice water can be used on the face to make it feel softer and look more radiant. All you need to do is dip a cotton pad in the water and massage your face. Once finished, allow the skin to dry. Using this not only on your face but on various body parts at least a couple of times every week can contribute a lot as it can bring a lot of vitamins and minerals. Rice water can also be used as a facial toner. Using a cotton pad to apply, it can help the skin become more tighten and it can minimize the pores. Try this at least once and you will feel great, smooth and bright skin.

2. Helps with acne, eczemas and irritated skin

benefits of rice water

Rice water can help reduce acne and redness and it prevents the appearance of future breakouts. When it comes to eczemas, rice water can be extremely useful because it can ease the discomfort that comes with it. Put the water over a clean washcloth and pat over the affected area. Once done, leave the skin to dry. Rice water can also help the irritated skin feel a lot better because of the ingredients it contains. Studies show that people that used rice water over irritated skin felt better and they experienced at least 20% improvement.

3. Soothes sunburns and helps with the age spots

If you are dealing with sunburn, you could easily help the inflammation and redness with some rice water. The best way to do that is when the rice water is in the refrigerator, that way it can not only soothe but cool it down a lot faster. The rice water can also help with age spots and any discoloration. Mixing it with a tablespoon of coconut oil (fractionated) and massaging your face and your neck can really prove to be very beneficial and effective.

4. Makes a perfect hair rinse and hair conditioner

Beauty Tips

If you want a shiny, strong and healthy hair, then rice water can help with that. All you need to do is pour rice water over your hair after it was shampooed and conditioned. Then massage it into the scalp and wash with water. Besides hair rinse, the rice water can work as a hair conditioner. All you need to do is wash your hair with shampoo, leave rice water over for approximately 10 minutes and massage then wash off. The perfect match for a good natural conditioner would be rice water and (essential) lavender or rosemary oil.

5. Works as a shampoo

The rice water can work just as well as a shampoo. Thanks to all the natural saponins, it can easily keep the hair clean and nice, and replace a good or expensive shampoo. The best thing about it is that it can be used as a soothing shampoo for the people who have more sensitive skin or skin that tends to be a lot more irritative. Mixing rice water with a cup of aloe vera juice and/or a tablespoon of a Castile soap/baby shampoo can really do wonders for the hair. All of these ingredients, especially the mix of rice water and aloe vera can help the roots grow and leave the hair truly beautiful.

6. Works as a bath soak or body scrub.

Rice water can be also used as a bath soak and works perfectly with lavender flowers and any other skin beautifying ingredients (whether it’s orange or lemon peels). Besides bath soak, the rice water can also be used as a body scrub. It can truly leave your skin feel nourished. Rice water can help the blemishes go away and leave the skin to remain soft and smooth. The perfect mix for a body scrub is rice water and a few teaspoons of either olive or coconut oil plus some essential oils like lavender or chamomile. If you try this scrub every 15 days or so, you can definitely see the improvements.

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